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Divorce or Separation

Divorce and legal separation are rarely easy, and everyone comes to the process with their own priorities. Some people worry about how long it will take to end their marriage, while others worry about finding the least expensive process. You may also have warranted concerns about your business, assets and financial future.

The Difference Between Divorce And Separation

You may not fully understand the difference between divorce and separation and the effects each can have on your life.

I empower you by helping you make informed decisions about which direction you would like to steer your case. An understanding of basic legal terminology sets the solid ground for important decisions:

• Divorce: Unlike many states, you do not need to be legally separated before you can file for divorce, so long as you have a legal fault-based ground for such a request. Fault can be found if you can show adultery, physical cruelty, habitual drug abuse or chronic alcohol abuse.

• Separation: To be legally separated, you must be living separate and apart and then file an action for separation in family court. If you have joint assets, joint debts and/or children together, it can be dangerous to be separated without working with a lawyer. We help our clients protect their legal interests throughout the separation and prepare them for their divorce.

Even when a separation or divorce is amicable, it is still important to work with an experienced lawyer to protect your children and/or assets. I help clients resolve child custody and property division matters before they turn contentious. Schedule an appointment by contacting me online or by calling 843-502-0368 locally or toll-free at 866-623-7040.

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