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Child Custody And Visitation Guidelines In South Carolina

In our society, there are various stereotypes about how much involvement mothers and fathers want in their children’s lives. At The Carver Law Firm, L.L.C., in Myrtle Beach, my clients have one thing in common: They want what is best for their children

I am principal attorney Lisa M. Carver and when I work for you I work to protect your parenting rights. I am a certified guardian ad litem, and I know what factors the court considers when determining child custody or visitation schedules after a separation or dissolution of a marriage. When you work with me, know that I will be your advocate at every step of the process, making sure you are comfortable with the potential outcomes of your case. With over 18 years of legal experience and almost a decade of that focused solely on family law, I can help.

Ready to move forward? Schedule your appointment with me, an experienced South Carolina child custody lawyer by contacting me online or by calling 843-502-0368 locally or toll-free at 866-623-7040.

Understand The Child Custody Factors

When the court is establishing parenting plans, they take a number of factors into consideration. I help parents understand what factors will be considered in custody and visitation plans, including but not limited to:

  • Who is the primary caretaker?

  • Do both parents have stable housing?

  • Do both parents have stable jobs?

  • Does either parent have a history of abuse?

In addition to the previous living situation, the court is also concerned with how the new situation will affect the parent’s ability to care for their children. For example, if one parent is considering relocation, will that make it challenging for the child to have meaningful time with the other parent? As the principal attorney of The Carver Law Firm, L.L.C., I, attorney Lisa M. Carver, am committed to helping you answer these questions in order to make informed decisions about your situation.

Protect Your Parental Rights

Contact me online or call at 843-502-0368 to schedule your initial consultation with me, a dedicated family law attorney who is committed to protecting your parental rights.

Questions About Family Law?

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