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Helping You With Support Modifications When Circumstances Change

Every parent has financial obligations to their child. As the principal attorney of The Carver Law Firm, L.L.C., I help you understand what these obligations are, and how they are calculated in South Carolina. In the event of a material and substantial change in circumstances, I can help you seek a modification of the ordered child support.

Although trying to understand legal matters can be daunting, the knowledge and potential options (when available) that I share empowers you to make informed decisions about your situation and can take the fear out of the situation. I am attorney Lisa M. Carver, and I represent clients throughout Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand area in child support matters and have legal experience for over a decade.

Understand The South Carolina Child Support Formula

In South Carolina, child support is based on the gross monthly income of each parent. Unlike some states, it doesn’t matter how much you actually bring home; the formula is based on your paycheck before deductions. The South Carolina Child Support Calculator also factors in the following amounts, giving credits to the party who makes these payments:

• The cost of health insurance for your child(ren)

• The cost of work-related daycare

• The total number of children in the home and child support payments made to a third party by court order for other children

The formula places a percentage of financial obligation to each child on both parents, not just the noncustodial parent. In some instances, albeit rarely, a high-income parent with custody may pay the low-income parent support so as to maintain the childrens’ standard of living more evenly at both homes.

Modifications To Your Child Support

In order for a modification to be made to your child support payments, you must be able to prove a substantial and material change in circumstances. For instance, parents may have to prove that an unforeseen and/or involuntary event is affecting their ability to pay. Working with an experienced family law attorney can help protect your rights when child support payments are being established or when they need to be modified either by way of increase or decrease in amount. Schedule your appointment by contacting me online or by calling my office at 843-502-0368 locally or toll-free at 866-623-7040. I can answer your questions about divorce, separation or any other family law matter.

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